Louis Carbonneau is a recognized leader in the legal profession. No fewer than 125 clients or peers have strongly recommended Louis for this exceptional legal expertise, business acumen, understanding of the technology, and for his integrity and dedication to his clients.

Here are some representative testimonials from clients and colleagues.

“Louis has brought exceptional insight, experience and knowledge to our company, helping us with a number of IP, legal and commercial issues. I have come to trust his judgment and depend on his advice: in doubt, I never hesitate to contact him to hear his thoughts on a particular matter, knowing the value of his opinion will dwarf the value of his billing. I warmly recommend Louis to any company seeking brilliant legal and IP counsel.”

Simon Leblond, President and Co-Founder, SCL Elements, Inc.

“We recently asked Louis to join our IP Steering Committee and requested his assistance in assessing our IP assets and dependencies in order to formulate an overall IP strategy for our company. The whole exercise was a real eye opener for us and a huge value to better understand both risks and opportunities in our space. The costs were also surprisingly modest considering we are dealing with fairly sophisticated matters like patents, trademarks and trade secrets. Louis’ assessment and recommendations were numerous and right on target. They helped us establish a clear roadmap for the future that we believe will be instrumental in terms of maintaining a sustained competitive advantage. They also reassured our board that we are being strategic about our IP and in protecting their investment. In addition to his unique experience in Canada, the US and internationally, Louis has this rare combination of pragmatic legal, business and technical expertise that really stands out and makes him a highly valued adviser to us. We continue to work with Louis on several projects and strongly recommend him any technology based company that is serious about intellectual property, as they should all be.”

Samuel Beaudoin, Co-Founder, CVT Corp

“I worked with Louis for 3 years on 2 different products while at Microsoft. He is without a doubt the best IP attorney I have worked with. He knows the law, is a good negotiator and advisor, and listens well. He is the best attorney because he knows the company’s goals and tries to get to “yes” rather than finding reasons to get to ‘no.’ Louis thinks like a businessman, and thinks of ways to get to ‘yes.I have used him as an advisor for years and will be using him on my next startup.”
Mike Dusche, Group Program Manager, Senior Account Manager, EMC

“I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than I would Louis. His professional demeanor and personable style blended with his knowledge of the subject matter, both legal and practical, were the pivotal ingredients that led our firm to its agreement.”
David Cannon, President, Activated Content

“Louis was the key player in the Microsoft’s efforts to reach agreement with the US and other governments regarding the licensing of IP. His patience and doggedness in getting the warring parties to accept a common solution was the necessary condition. Everyone involved believes Louis himself was the sufficient condition. Rarely have I ever worked with a lawyer more interested in and more persistent in his efforts to reach a successful conclusion. Genuinely, one of the smartest, most ethical and decent individuals with whom I have worked.”
Jim Simon, Chief Strategist,  Microsoft, former Assistant Director, CIA

“I worked with Louis in several of his capacities while he was at Microsoft. Louis is bright, articulate, a passionate advocate, and generally a pleasure to work with. What makes Louis an excellent lawyer is that in addition to his top legal skills (such as negotiating) he has a very keen business sense, a love for technology, and a natural predisposition to find solutions and get things done. Louis is a consummate professional and a great colleague that is respected and loved by clients, peers and directs alike.”
Nick Tsilas, Senior Attorney, Microsoft

“Louis is one of those rare people who have incredible depth of expertise in his chosen profession of law, but also incredibly astute business acumen and technology insight. I worked with Louis to help shape the direction for licensing a cutting edge technology while it was still in a very nascent form and I was extremely impressed with how he was able to work with the scientists, engineering and management teams to maximize it’s potential to external customers while still very much an emerging technology. Always seeking a win-win situation for all parties involved, his professionalism and forward thinking were inspiring and led to tangible business results for our group.”
Adam Sheppard, Co-Founder & Ceo, 8ninths, Inc.

“I found Louis to be extremely thoughtful, with deep insight and expertise in IP issues related to an acquisition. He was instrumental in sorting through all the technical and legal issues to drive the transaction to a successful close. It was a pleasure to work with Louis.”
Mohit Kathuria, Director, M&A, Microsoft

“I’ve known Louis for several years and worked with him on a number of IP related projects at Microsoft. Louis is very bright and hard working, and he understands the IP issues and has strong business acumen. In addition, his is fun to work with. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with him again and highly recommend him.”
Ben duPont, President,

“Louis excels as combining an understanding of technical implications along with core legal guidance that provides critical win/win solutions for business groups. His pragmatism was especially appreciated on the complicated international acquisition we completed together.”
Christopher Wick, Technical Assessment & Integration Manager, Microsoft

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