Our Vision – On POINT Advice, all the time.

The Point Law’s practice is directed to protecting and maximizing the value of the intellectual property and business assets of our clients, both in the United States and internationally. We believe in the value of long term relationships and a true partnership, so we concentrate on a limited number of clients and make sure we know them and their business thoroughly.

In the practice of law, bigger is not always better. Our firm is smaller, nimbler and more manageable than big law firms that contend with both the practice of law and an internal bureaucracy. We stress personal service and efficiency in our practice. Since we don’t maintain fancy offices in a trendy downtown high rise, we have very little overhead. Thus, our clients receive the full benefit of world-class legal services tailored to their needs at far better rates than big law firms.

The Point Law’s pragmatic, businesslike approach to solving our clients’ legal problems sets us apart from other legal firms. Our founder has worked for multiple businesses in senior legal and operating roles. Because we’ve been in your shoes, we understand that what you need is concrete, executable advice and that you need it rapidly. Thus, we combine a thorough, strategic understanding of the law, business processes, and our clients’ business operations to promptly deliver sophisticated and creative solutions, on point, all the time. As a result, our clients frequently turn to us for guidance in all aspects of their business.

Flexible Approach to Costs

We understand that long term relationships take time to build, and we’ve designed innovative pricing plans so that you don’t get billed to educate us on your business, or every time you pick up the phone to bounce off an idea.

If you want to take advantage of our Virtual In-house Program, we will work together with you to structure a contract for legal services addressing your unique needs, so you can budget for and manage your legal matters just as you budget for and manage all the aspects of your business. In short, we become an integral part of the management team, virtually, as its in-house counsel. This service is perfectly tailored not only for entrepreneurs, emerging ventures and fast-growth companies, but also for those clients who do not have need yet for full time in-house lawyers, and to law departments seeking additional support for a set period of time or during personnel transitions.

Under this program, we are able to provide our clients with a set number of hours of legal services per week or month for a fixed fee, which is substantially lower than our regular legal fees. Moreover, if a client does not use the fixed number of hours in a given month, we will roll it over to the next month. Most importantly, even our smallest clients do not hesitate to contact us at the outset of a legal matter or if they have a simple legal question.

By intervening early on, we are often able to advise our clients to avoid otherwise certain legal trouble, saving them not only invaluable time but untold amounts in legal fees. Thus, our clients gain the depth and varied experience of the firm’s expertise applied to their specific business, while controlling costs at a fraction of those of a full-time, traditional in-house counsel.

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